Bosch GSG 300 Professional Foam Rubber Cutter

Bosch Foam Rubber Cutter GSG 300 professional.

Includes footplate with either 130mm or 200mm blade

and guide.

BEA 71/16 Upholstery Air Stapler

BEA 71/16 Upholstery Air Staplers ( 4 - 16mm ). We also have available BEA Long Nose Air Staplers 71/16 series.

Assorted Curved Needle Packet

Ideal curved needle packet if you are after an assortment. You get 3" gauge 18, 4" gauge 17, 5" gauge 16 and a 6" gauge 15, all curved round point needles.

Flexible Tucking Tool

Flexible Tucking Tool. With a flexible spring steel blade. A very popular tool. Hardwood riveted handle. Blade length 2-5/8 inches. Overall length 7-1/2 inches. No 746.

All Purpose Awl

Nickel plated. Durable fluted handle. The bent awl is a varied-purpose tool. Great for hard to reach places in upholstery work. Can be used to remove small staples in grooves. Tempered end. Blade length 5 1/2 inches. Overall length 9 1/2 inches. No 18.

Synthetic Bone Folder

This bone folder is made of polished nylon. For folding, pasting and burnishing edges. Overall length 6-1/4 inches. No 465.

Staple Puller Plier

Staple Puller Plier. Forged steel. Vinyl handles to add comfort. Opening spring. Unique design welded pin gives leverage when pulling out the staples and is plastic coated to prevent any damage to furniture. Sharp points with a hook design overlap when closed to pull staples out with ease. Length 8 inches. No 602.

Button Needles & Regulators

Straight single point needles, available in 12 inch or 16 inch. Upholsters regulator with eye, in high quality steel.

Curved Needles

Curved round point needles, available in extra light and heavy in various sizes from 2 inches to four inches. 12 needles per package.

Stanley Blades

Heavy duty stanley blades, made in Sheffield, England. Available boxed or in packets.

Hog Rings - Sharp Points

Hog Rings - Sharp Points. Bright finish, low carbon steel. Not galvanised, polished. 14 wire gauge. Size, three quarter inch. Packed in 5lb strong cartons. Hog ring pliers are available. Hog ring No 1442-5.


Ventilators. One-piece construction for added strength. Used as breathers for mattresses, cushions and plastic slipcovers. Solid brass. Packed in one gross.

Upholsterers Pins ( skewers )

Upholsterers Pins ( skewers ). Nickel plated. 144 per box. 4" length. 16 gauge. No 190.

Staple and Tack Claw

A quality forged tack claw. Pointed ends are hardened and tempered to prevent breakage. Wooden handle with nickel plated ferrule. Overall length 7 inches. Osborne no.201.

Staple Remover

Staple Remover. Forged from alloy tempered steel. Hardwood handle with nickel plated ferrule. Overall length 6 inches. No 124.

Staple Lifter

Staple Lifter. The correct angle for removing staples of any size, from the smallest to the longest leg staples. Manufactured from alloy tempered steel. Fluted amber cellulose acetate handle to keep from rolling. No 120 half.

Staple and Tack Lifter

Staple and Tack Lifter. Polished and forged steel blade. Hardwood handle. Nickel plated ferrule. No 1066.

Square Point Knife

Square Point Knife. Trimmer's and upholsterer's knife. Lacquered hardwood handle. Length of blade 3 7/8 inch. No 76 half.

Scratch Awl

Scratch Awl. Sharp pinted. Tempered blade for piercing leather, sewing and a variety of uses. Harwood handle. Overall length 3 7/8 inches. No 478.

Quick Nailer Tool

Quick Nailer Tool. Set up 5 nails head to head at one time without damaging the furniture, or your fingers. No 777.

Marking Chalk

Marking Chalk. Due to the the shape of this chalk a sharp marking edge is maintained. Available in assorted, yellow, red, white, blue and black.


Also available, yellow wax.


Laid Cord ( Jute Twine )

Now available after several customers requested us to stock it, is, Laid Cord

( Jute Twine ) - 500 gram ball, ideal for stiching in springs.

White Cotton Felt / Typar Felt

White Cotton Felt now in stock, FR2 27 inch width ( 68cm ) x 15m. £22.00 a roll plus VAT.


Also now in, Typar Felt 27 inch width ( 68cm ) x 23m.

£16.45 a roll plus VAT.

Natural Calico F/R & Barrier Cloth Crib Source 5 F/R

Also in stock, Barrier Cloth, Crib Source 5 F/R, 152cm wide, 75 metre per roll. £1.50 per metre / rolls only.


Natural Calico F/R, 210cm wide, 100 metre per roll. £1.35 per metre / rolls only.


Hook and Loop

Hook and Loop, once pressed together they provide a secure but completely adjustable fastener. Washable, dry, cleanable, long lasting and available in sewing quality and self adhesive. Available in the following colours and sizes : 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 50mm. Other sizes available on request. Black, white and fawn in stock. Other colours available on request. Ring for details.

Polystyrene Beads

Polystyrene Beads in 10 cubic bags, ideal for Bean Bag Fillings. Other Polstyrene products can be made, please ring for further details.

Scroll Gimp, French Gimp, Lip Cord and Key Tassells

A popular addtition to our trimmings division, lip cord is now available on a 50 metre card or as a cut length. Available in various colours, please ask for details.


A small addition to the trimmings division, we are pleased to start selling key tassells. In various colours, and in packs of ten. A lovely item, now in stock.


Scroll Gimp & French Gimp cards are available, and also as cut lengths. On request, acetate scroll, fringe etc are available to order. Please ask for details.

No30 Button Blanks

No 30 Plastic button blanks, stocked in black and white. Ideal for non reversible cushions.

Dry Bond Thread

At Coopers, our thread collection is always very popular. We are always looking to expand our thread range and the dry bond thread is one that we have been asked to stock many times. Available in navy and black, this is an anti rot thread.

Headboard Struts & Headboard Clips

Headboards Struts, available in bundles of fifty, are available off the shelf and have proved very popular, along with the headboard clips which are available to buy in bulk or single pairs.

Foam Crumb

Now in stock, after being regularly asked for this item, is foam crumb filling, available in ten kilo bags. Ideal for filling cushions, pillows, bean bags. Already proving very popular.

Finger Pull Mechanism

Although only small and simple, the finger pull mechanism with cable is something we get asked for all the time. In stock and available off the shelf.


Turned Leg with 32mm diameter brass cup castor

- 6" in height ( including castor ) x 3" taper to 2"

diameter ( 153mm x 77mm to 52mm ) Available

in raw and brown stained finish. With M8 thread.

Small Bunn Foot - Two and half inch in

height x 3 and a quarter inch in diameter

( 65mm x 83mm ). Available in raw,

oak and mahogany. With M8 thread.

Queen Anne Legs available in 8"

and 9" finish. Available with block

and no block. All in raw finish.


8" and 9" available of the shelf.

Other sizes are available on request.


L shaped Corner Block in raw -

160mm x 160mm x 40mm height.

With countersunk drill holes.

Large Bunn Foot - Two and a quarter

inch in height x 5" in diameter

( 57mm x 128mm ). Available in raw,

oak and mahogany. With M8 thread.

Turned Leg - 6" in height x 3" taper to 2"

diameter ( 153mm x 77mm to 52mm ) Available

in raw and brown stained finish. With M8 thread.

Raw tapered leg - 2 half inch in height x 65mm square at top tapering to 50mm square at bottom.


Raw tapered leg - 5" in height x 70mm

square at top tapering to 40mm square

at bottom.


Raw tapered leg - 8" in height x 70mm square at top tapering to 45mm square at bottom. All with m8 thread.

Corner Block Leg - available in

mahogany, oak, natural and raw.

165mm x 165mm x 58mm.

Complete with two 5mm

countersunk fixing holes.

Shaped back leg, 130mm in height. Available

in mahogany stained finish. With M8 thread.


Vinyl - Various Colours

Domestic Vinyl in various colours. Smooth to moderate grain. Suitable for a variety of applications. Ideal for automotive trimming and all types of furniture. 54" / 137cm width. Available in cut lengths or on a roll.

Upholstery leather available in many different colours and styles. Smooth to moderate grain. Suitable for a variety of applications. Hide sizes do vary due to their natural nature.


Foam Sheets and Cushions

Come and see our ever expanding collection of foam. We have so many

varied grades to suit all your requirements. At Coopers we never

compromise on quality, and will listen to your every need.

Foam Profiles

Whatever the shape, whatever the size, foam profiles are just a call away! Tell us what you require, size, shape, grade of foam etc and we will do the rest. As you can see from the following images, your options are endless!


Don't be afraid to ask, you will be amazed what we can do! We can also

turn them round very quickly for you. Just pick up the phone and we

will help you out.


Our Collection of Sundries continue to grow. Below is our Chrome Corner Leg Collection. They are proving really popular. Please quote the Coopers Code with each leg when ordering.

Coopers Polished Chrome Leg CL1 - 4" Diameter at base / 60mm high.

Fitting is with a Screwplate.

Coopers Polished Chrome Leg CL2 - 4" high / 135mm wide at top / 40mm wide at bottom. Fitting is with a Screwplate.

Coopers Polished Chrome Leg CL3 - 4" high / 95mm wide at top / 20mm wide at bottom. Fitting is with a Screwplate.

Coopers Polished Chrome Leg CL4 - 65mm high / 195mm wide at top / 160mm wide at bottom. Fitting is with a Screwplate.

Coopers Polished Chrome Leg CL5 - 4" high / 125mm wide at top / 20mm wide at bottom. Fitting is with a Screwplate.

Coopers Polished Chrome Leg CL6 - 4" high / 60mm wide at top. Fitting is with a M8 thread.

Coopers Polished Chrome Leg CL7 - 115mm high / Fitting is with a Screwplate.


Whether it be poly tubing, poly bags, bubblewrap, packaging tape, for all your packaging needs, give us a call.


Kraft Union Paper

Kraft Union Paper now in stock, 1200mm width and a 100 metre on a roll, perfect for patterning.

Sewing Machine Oil & Leather Care Cleaners

Sewing Machine Oil, a light lubricating oil. One litre bottle plus funnel included. Also, now in stock, Lazy Leather Care Cleaner, cleans, protects and conditions. A professional all in one maintenance product in 150ml and 500ml bottles.


Now in stock, 13mm Fine Cut Tacks in a 1kg box.

Plastic Edge Roll, Button Replacement Kits & Wooden Feet

Simple items, but popular and useful. Plastic Edge Roll, 50 metre rolls. Button replacement kit plus one hundred arrowheads included. Wooden feet and legs are a popular seller at Coopers, and this L shaped Corner Block is a new one to our collection, available in a raw finish.

Clear Crystal Buttons

Clear Crystal Buttons now in stock, 17mm and 20mm, in nail and wirebacks. Available to buy in various quantities. For the application of the nail back buttons, we also sell nylon tipped hammers to save damaging the crystal button. Coloured Crystal Buttons can also be obtained, please ask for details.

Sofa Bed Actions

Folding sofa bed actions, available in 132cm and 152cm width slatted base. These actions do not come with the mattress. Image shown is three fold.


Budget 71/10 Staples

Limited time only, these 71/10 staples with 200,000 staples per case, are currently selling at £28.00 plus VAT per case. Other sizes are available.

Sewing Machines

From time to time we can offer certain item's at very reasonable prices. These are usually one off's due to the high demand in them. At the moment we can offer a Consew Walking Foot Sewing Machine. A second hand machine but in great working order. This machine is now sold. But if you are still of looking for a similar machine, please ring as others can be obtained.

Button Presses

We are also able to offer this Ornstin Button Press. In excellent condition. Button Dies are also available, in various sizes. This machine is now sold. But if you are still of looking for a similar machine, please ring as others can be obtained.